September Newsletter

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With interest rates continuing to increase, what could be better than making a purchase with 0% interest? In reality, financing a purchase with a 0% interest rate may be more trouble than it’s worth, as we explain in this month’s newsletter.

Also discover the hidden tax benefits of owning a home, knowing the Basics of taxes, and where you can find a savings account with a great interest rate.

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Upcoming dates:

September 15

  • Filing deadline for extended 2022 calendar-year S corporation and partnership tax returns
  • 3rd quarter installment of 2023 estimated income tax is due for individuals, calendar-year corporations and calendar-year trusts & estates

October 16

  • Filing deadline for extended 2022 individual and C corporation tax returns


The Trouble With 0% Financing

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While paying for something with 0% interest may sound appealing, there are risks you’ll face that you should be aware of before you take this step. Here’s what you need to know about 0% financing.

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Your Home is a Bundle of Tax Benefits

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There are many tax benefits built into home ownership. Here is a review of the most common.

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Take a Look at Better Savings Rates

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Consider these tips to earn as much interest as you can for your savings accounts, even if it means opening a new account

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Taxes: Knowing the Basics is Key

It’s the starting point to saving money

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Understanding how our tax system works can be tricky for anyone. Here are some pointers to help you or someone you know navigate our tax maze.

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